All Day Hana Adventure Tour

  • Destination: East Maui & Hana

Time flies when exploring Hana in one day. There is so much to do and explore on the journey and so many hidden places you would never find on your own. It is so much more than a road to Hana tour. You will be jumping in fresh water pools, getting massaged by waterfalls, putting your toes in the beautiful black and red sand beaches of Hana, swimming in mineral cave waters, snorkeling in sparkling blue waters, hiking in lush jungles, etc. You will choose the adventures you most want to experience and we will do it at your pace. It can take us anywhere from 9-12 hours to make the trip around the East side and you will be having so much fun, time will just fly by. This is a fun, educational and exciting adventure you do not want to miss!

Tour Price

Your Private Road to Hana Tours are $550 for 1-2 people and usually take from 9-12 hours to complete. $90 for each additional person.

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