Do you sit on the beach while the rest of your party snorkels? Are you intimidated by the ocean, the fish, afraid of sharks? Have you snorkeled before and found it difficult to breath while your face is under water or did your mask keep leaking or your fins were too tight? Don’t be ashamed or embarrassed and certainly don’t let these fears keep you from having a fun snorkeling experience. And knowing that the right equipment is priority number one makes all the difference. Snorkeling is not as easy as it looks. There are many tips and pointers I can teach you to make your snorkeling experience so enjoyable you won’t want to leave the water. Believe me, I’ve seen it happen many times. I’ve coached the most intimidated souls slowly into the ocean and then I’ve had to beg them to come out and take a break. I love it when this happens! First you must purchase or rent gear that fits you well before getting in the water. Don’t rent the cheapest equipment! Always upgrade! And renting gear by the week is a much better deal because once you get the hang of snorkeling you will want to do it every day you are on vacation. Next, hire a snorkel guide your first time out in Maui. We will give you tips on how to make the experience relaxing and enjoyable. Wear some type of flotation so you can relax and enjoy the scenery. Make sure the strap to your mask is not on top of your ears or near your neck. Make sure to only breath through your mouth once you have the snorkel in your mouth. Nose breathing will cause the mask to leak. Breath slowly. There are too many tips to mention here because there are many different reasons you haven’t enjoyed snorkeling or even been snorkeling in the past, so hiring a guide to help you will make the rest of your snorkeling experiences so much richer. So don’t be embarrassed because you are not alone. Let us know what your concerns are and we’ll do our best to turn you into a snorkeling pro in no time!