It’s awe-inspiring to take kids out in nature.  Their excitement over every little thing is so inspiring.  I’m a big kid when I’m in nature also.  I guess that’s why I have so much fun when families book a nature hike with me.  I am so completely wrapped up in answering all of those great questions that kids ask, that time rushes by.  Sometimes we run off and leave the parents behind in our excitement, but they don’t seem to mind.  I think a little quiet time in nature is what they prefer.

There are so many interesting things to show kids in the beautiful forests of Maui.  There are coffee plants and fruit trees and medicinal plants that most consider weeds, not realizing their importance.  There are ancient Hawaiian rock walls and useful trees and plants the Polynesians brought over in the canoes with them.  There are prawns and small native fish called O’opu in the streams to look for.  And the kids and I love working on our rock hopping skills; not to mention our waterfall playing skills.

The kids always proclaim that this was their most favorite day of their Maui vacation, which always makes me so happy.  And, Yay, summer is here again, so let’s get those kids out enjoying adventures in nature, where they belong!  I’m excited to be part of it!