It’s awe-inspiring to take kids out in nature.  Their excitement over every little thing is so inspiring.  I’m a big kid when I’m in nature also.  I guess that’s why I have so much fun when families book a nature hike with me.  I am so completely wrapped up in answering all of those great […]

Since I’ve lived in Maui for over 18 years now, people often ask me to recommend other activities or businesses, and I am always happy to help when I can. When they ask about yoga, I can definitely help!  Jennifer Lynn’s class has ruined me for all other yoga classes.  We are so lucky that […]

Do you sit on the beach while the rest of your party snorkels? Are you intimidated by the ocean, the fish, afraid of sharks? Have you snorkeled before and found it difficult to breath while your face is under water or did your mask keep leaking or your fins were too tight? Don’t be ashamed […]

Maui Romantic Things To Do Come and experience the Romantic places on Maui.  These are not the spots that you end up tagging along with others on van packed tours.  Nor is this the car trip you take yourselves frustratingly trying to find where the guide book is leading you… and everyone else.  The special […]

Wow!  What an amazing Maui day!  I hiked down Sliding Sands trail over  to Halemau’u (Switchbacks) trail this morning with a wonderful group of people.  The hike was over 11 miles and breathtaking.  Since I was so sore afterwards I decided I needed a swim, so a friend and I went snorkeling at Ulua Beach […]

The time is now to treat yourself to a fun, relaxing, spiritually awakening, adventurous experience on the breathtaking island of Maui.  Who deserves it more?  And who else is going to do it for you?  Do you need some clarity and focus, growth and expansion,  support and friendship?  How about adding some exciting adventures into […]

Remember when you were a kid seeing all those movies in dreamy tropical settings and thinking “Do places like that really exist?” I remember spending hours fantasizing about being Jane to Tarzan or getting to fly away to Fantasy Island.  Well now I live on the dreamy island of Maui and realize that those places […]

The journey is called “the road to Hana” instead of “Hana” for a reason. It’s not necessarily Hana that you’re looking for, it’s what’s off the road to and from Hana. If you are in your car most of the time during the drive to Hana, then you are missing the most important parts of […]

why not have an intimate whale experience from your stand up paddle board with Maui Mana Adventures?

Did you know how important it is to have the right equipment while snorkeling?   The equipment you use plays a huge factor in your overall snorkeling experience.  If you have a mask that leaks or fins that are too tight, you are not able to appreciate the beautiful wonders that can be found here […]